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The ground screw for beach umbrellas

Made out of strong PVC in order for it to withstand winds up to 60 MPH. The beach umbrella sand anchor does a terrific job when it comes to resisting strong gusts of wind. The Anchor maintains the umbrella erect, preventing it from blowing away with the wind. Now you can enjoy time with your family at the beach instead of continuously fixing a falling beach umbrella.

Never worry about carrying any heavy umbrella anchors

The easily portable umbrella sand anchor will fit perfectly in the accompanying accessory beach bag, which simplifies carrying your beach umbrella and anchor — making it less of a burden.


  • 0.85"x1.5" (black image example) 
  • 0.94"x1.50"  (blue image example) 
  • 0.20"x1.71"(green image example)


  • Umbrellas

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