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Ground Mounting System


Surface Finish


This type is widely applied for asphalt shingle roof. It highlights the easy and fast installation with solar roof flashing group.SunRack roof flashing is water tight and durable and compatible.

This installation can easily accomplished with wood or using the RPS aluminum mounts. As with anything mounted on your roof, make sure to ground the panels well and attach in a secure and watertight manner.

The Tile Replacement Mount provides a fast and easy way to install solar on tile roofs while protecting against water intrusion. Simply remove the tile and replace it with the Tile Replacement Mount. Works with all standard curved and flat tile roofs, and all standard rail-based racking systems. Flashed at both the deck and top levels, the Tile Replacement Mount is fully engineered to meet code requirements and industry best practices. The Tile Replacement Mount features our patented Elevated Water Seal technology for optimal waterproofing. Base mount sold separately from flashing and post.

Tile Roof Mounting Features

  • Versatile: Works with Flat, S-shaped and W-shaped tiles
  • Flexible: Works with all standard rail-based racking systems
  • Simple and clean: No time-consuming, messy tile grinding or cutting
  • Flashings pre-treated and ready for paint, if desired

Our Composition Shingle Roof has been installed on pitched roofs and flat roofs, and is available in clear or black finish. With only one tool required, our composition shingle roof mount is a quick installation. With the flashing and sealing washers, you can be sure of a water-tight seal to protect your roof.


Type: Roof Racing System

Material: aluminum alloy 6063-T5, Stainless steel 304

Installation site: Open filed

Module width: any

Installation angle: Adjustable(design according to latitude)

Wind load: < 60m/s

Code compliance: AS/NZS 1170 and ISO 9001

Applicable Module: Framed or Frameless

Factory: We are factory

Main market: All around the world.


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